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Move Out Instructions

These guidelines will facilitate your move out, and security deposit return.

  • There are 2 possible ways to schedule your Exit Inspection. Please schedule 1 week in advance of move out.
  • The Exit Inspection will insure there are no ghost charges on your deposit and that your deposit is returned to the proper address. Damages are charged during this inspection so it is important for you to sign off on the Exit Inspection conducted by the Building Superintendent or Community Manager.
  • Remove everything from your apartment.
  • Clean the apartment, especially the bathroom fixtures and kitchen.  Wash all tile floors, sinks, vacuum the carpets and clean the appliances.
  • Charges ranging from $50 to $150 will be charged on a per item basis for everything you fail to clean before move-out.
  • Replace all burned out or missing light bulbs.
  • Turn in the door and mail box keys to the office. $10 charge if not received.
  • Stop service on the electric, phone and cable.
  • Get a change of address form from the office or post office. Fill it out and drop it in any mailbox.
  • Make sure your rental account is up to date. If you have additional payment to submit, please do so online for fastest processing.
  • Make a list of things that need to be fixed in your apartment and give it to Randy during your exit inspection.
  • Stop by the office to say goodbye.